Florian Ratchet Cut

Don't let tree and bush limbs stand between you and a clear shot at your trophy deer, is the Florian Ratchet Cut motto, and it is an apt one. The Ratched Cut pruning shear works equally well to keep deer from smelling you on the foliage you've touched on the way to your tree stand and features featherweight nylon fiberglass handles, so that it's but a featherweight amongst your hunting gear and you'll never be able to use weight as an excuse to bring this invaluable tool along. Additionally, it boasts a long-wearing austempered carbon steel knife edge blade to cut cleanly and accurately both living and dead branches up to 3/4".
This ease of use means that you're working both quickly and quietly, a must when out in deer territory. The other opposite blade is Teflon S coated, meaning the unit won't rush from sap or weather; and the Ratchet Cut features a warm, comfortable blister proof grip, making it the easiest tool we've run across to work with both on the ground and in a tree stand. The unit features a lifetime exchange guarantee, meaning that it's not just us telling you how great the Florian Ratchet Cut is, but the manufacturer stands behind every unit. The Ratchet Cut costs $27.95 w/o holster; $32.95 with camo holster. We put it through it's paces cutting tree limb after tree limb and the blade stayed sharp, leading us to say that you won't find a better value for your money. For more information call (800) 709-6689, or write Florian Ratchet Cut, Forest & Field, 134 Ball Drive, Statesville, NC 28677. You'll be glad that you did.

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